Junior of the Month

Junior of the Month

The seniors have a long-established tradition of selecting a runner of the month, so we thought we’d copy them! A box of chocolates to the winner 🙂

June 2015 – Ben Bray and Emily Bray

May 2015- Jake McBrinn and Martin McBrinn

April 2015 – Holly Davey and Jenson Brogden

March 2015 – Molly Storer and Adam Paget

February 2015 – Imogen Webster and Will O’ Neill

January 2015 – Alice Webster and Nelson Charlton

December 2014 – Aston Brogden and Lulu Stoney

February 2014 – Holly Daveystrong track and fell performances, including a couple of club records

January 2014 – Jenson Brogdenfantastic commitment and results in track and Peco events

December 2013 – Erin Fuller – great performances at the PECO XC and Woodentops’ fell race.

The first one – Ben Bhogal – impressive park runs and athletic meets


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