Club Runner of the Year

Club Runner of the Year

Here’s the final Runner of the Year for 2022 table, Mark Hall, Paul Tranter & Simon Quin in the podium positions.

The 2023 results to date are as here

Note that only results from races appearing on the club news page are included in the Runner of the Year and Rankings list.

If you’d like your result to be included please make sure you email  details of the race winners time and your result & other Otley members running to

A brief explanation for 2017:

  • The Runner of the Year (RoY) is an award presented to the best all-round athlete in the club irrespective of age or sex
  • After another interesting and competitive Runner of the Year in 2016, it has been decided to keep the format roughly the same for 2017
  • However the Committee are still of the opinion that the Park Runs have too much influence on the final outcome
  • Again this year there will be three races in the main categories plus an extra category for the Park Runs of which you may only count one score
  • Races have not been pre-selected so can be planned to suit each individual
  • An equal emphasis has been adopted for off-road and road races.

The races are divided into 6 categories:

  1. Off-road with a distance of up to and including 10k
  2. Off-road with a distance of over 10k
  3. Open road races with a distance of up to and including 10k
  4. Open road races with a distance of over 10k
  5. Park Run / Chevin runSunday – One race may count
  6. Track – One of the two Club track races may count.

Off-road includes cross-country, trail and fell races. All the cross-country races would be in category 1.

Members may submit any races that fall into these categories.


Categories 5 and 6 are optional.

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE FOR 2013:- 10 races out of a maximum of 14 to count. Remember only 1 track event and 1 Park Run/Chevin runSunday can count.

No Harrogate District Summer Race League or veterans-only races to count.

Results must be posted on the Otley AC website stating:
Date, type of race (eg trail, fell, road), winner’s official time and your official time.



Points are awarded on the following basis:

Your personal time as a percentage of the winner’s time. This is then multiplied by an age/sex related factor.

For example: on 25th January 2013, the Mythical 10km race took place…

Name – Time – Percentage of Winner’s Time – Age/Sex Factor – Points
Ben Runner (aged 35) – 31.00 – 100% – 1.0286 – 102.9
James Jackson (aged 30) – 34.30 – 89.9% – 1.0084 – 90.6
Kate Harrismith (aged 65) – 40.00 – 77.5% – 1.4803 – 114.7

plus the winners for the earlier years were:

2022Mark Hall 2011 Mick Jeffrey2000Mark Hall
2021Mark Hall2010Mick Jeffrey1999Julian Mawson
 2020Scott Harrington2009Tom Hannah1998Ian Fisher
 2019Mark Hall2008Ian Fisher1997Ian Fisher
 2018Mark Hall2007Ian Fisher1996Tony Allen
 2017Mark Hall2006Ian Fisher1995Peter James
 2016Mark Hall2005Ian Fisher1994Joan Cubbon
2015Mark Hall2004Kath Robertshaw1993Malcolm Pickering
2014Mark Hall2003Ian Fisher1992Ian Fisher
2013Scott Harrington2002Mark Hall1991Ian Fisher
2012Mick Jeffrey2001Ian Fisher1990Malcolm Pickering
    1989Mick Jeffrey