Club Fell Runner of the Year

Club Fell Runner of the Year

The fell runner of the year competition has been revamped for it’s restart in 2022. All fell races in the FRA calendar will now count towards it ( and the equivalent races in the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish calendars. You just need to submit a race report, for your race to count in the competition.


Scoring will follow the method used for runner of the year, see the Runner of the Year page for an example.

  • A maximum of 8 races will count for the year
  • A maximum of 3 races in each of the length categories will count – short (under 10km), medium (10-20km) and long (over 20km),
  • 2 local races will also count in a separate category. (they can’t count twice). Local races are those in Wharfedale, Baildon, Ilkley, and Burley Moors – if in doubt contact Tom Lynch to check.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for completing all the races in each category.
  • 30 points for 1 short, medium and long.
  • 60 points for 2 short, medium and long.
  • 90 points for 3 short, medium and long

As with the Runner of the Year you must submit or be included in a race report with the winners time to be counted for each race.


The final 2022 Results here
Fell Runner of the Year 2018 Individual Race listing

Fell Runner of the Year 2019 results and individual race listing

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