Thursday 8th August – Wharfemeadows Handicap

Thursday 8th August – Wharfemeadows Handicap

Race 8 of the Eric Smith Trophy is the 5k route from Prince Henry’s playing fields.

The route starts with a lap of the playing fields then along the track to the top entrance to the park. In the park take the top path towards the play area, but don’t go quite that far, take a left to the bottom path and on to the White bridge. Once over the bridge, duck under the pipe on the path next to the river. Follow this to the end of the nature reserve, then loop back to the the Gallows hill car park and back over the White Bridge.

Reverse the route through the park past the rugby pitches, but then go up the hill to the park entrance, reverse the start back down the track and a lap of the playing fields

See a map of the route below.

First runner will be set off at 7pm everyone else at intervals thereafter.

The route will be marked but it’s always useful to have a reccie run of the route.

For details on how the handicap works and the Eric Smith Trophy on the club handicap page here.

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