Tuesday 4th June – Harrogate League Race 2 – Ripley

Tuesday 4th June – Harrogate League Race 2 – Ripley

Another first place finish for Rebecca Pritchard at the second race of the Harrogate League finishing 18th overall. First home for Otley was Aston Brogden in 15th. There were category wins for Charley Clark Taylor, Carol Armitstead and Philip Robinson, and top three in their categories for Aston, Mia, Bob, Isabel, Ursula and Mick. Well done everyone, an amazing total of 52 members taking part.

Team results to follow when available on the Harrogate League site here. Steve Davey’s photos below the results.

PosNameClubGender RankCategory RankCategoryTime
1Thomas AdamsIlkley Harriers1/228 1/24M4025:57
15Aston BrogdenOtley AC15/228 2/4MJNR29:41
18Rebecca PritchardOtley AC1/184 1/34FSEN30:14
19Callum WortOtley AC18/228 10/50MSEN30:14
39Graham LakeOtley AC36/228 4/34M4531:51
54Jamie WalshOtley AC50/228 24/50MSEN33:03
55Toby FisherOtley AC51/228 10/24M4033:03
58Sean HornbyOtley AC53/228 5/34M4533:27
60Simon QuinOtley AC55/228 9/36M5033:33
63Tom PagetOtley AC58/228 11/24M4033:39
65Charley Clark TaylorOtley AC6/184 1/3FJNR33:48
67Martin CritchleyOtley AC61/228 8/34M4533:50
94Simon ToyneOtley AC81/228 12/34M4535:23
96Colin DennisonOtley AC83/228 14/34M4535:25
113Daniel WilkinsonOtley AC97/228 38/50MSEN36:11
116Harry BownessOtley AC99/228 40/50MSEN36:24
134Andrew KeayOtley AC113/228 15/24M4037:18
136Andy WebsterOtley AC115/228 15/36M5037:27
162Mia NaylorOtley AC31/184 2/3FJNR38:57
170Paul TranterOtley AC134/228 17/35M5539:21
174Charlie HeyOtley AC137/228 8/24M6039:35
177Louisa RamsayOtley AC39/184 12/34FSEN39:41
183Sara ElliottOtley AC42/184 7/34F5040:04
194Helen AlstonOtley AC46/184 7/18F4040:27
207Isabel HartOtley AC52/184 3/3FJNR40:52
208Emma HartOtley AC53/184 4/28F4540:52
211Deb BassettOtley AC55/184 5/28F4541:09
215Sharon KenyonOtley AC57/184 6/28F4541:20
216John DadeOtley AC159/228 10/24M6041:20
228Gary NaylorOtley AC166/228 28/36M5041:49
237Simon BrownOtley AC169/228 29/34 M4542:19
255Verity GloverOtley AC75/184 17/34 FSEN42:55
266Chris LyonsOtley AC184/228 33/36 M5043:29
267Matt PoddOtley AC185/228 11/24M6543:32
295Laura HindOtley AC102/184 16/28 F4545:26
297Carl WalshOtley AC195/228 17/24 M6045:35
303Carol ArmitsteadOtley AC106/184 1/7F6545:42
320Ursula McgouranOtley AC117/184 3/7F6546:56
324Nicola SwannOtley AC120/184 17/28 F4547:08
330Alison BowersOtley AC126/184 17/18 F4047:30
334Mick JeffreyOtley AC205/228 3/5M7048:01
347Philip RobinsonOtley AC207/228 1/2M8049:23
357Helen HeyOtley AC146/184 23/34 F5050:07
368John DavisOtley AC216/228 33/35 M5551:33
371Rachel CrossdaleOtley AC155/184 7/14F3551:39
393Rob FearnleyOtley AC223/228 24/24 M4056:06
394Victoria WilsonOtley AC171/184 30/34 F5056:30
395Lesley PatchettOtley AC172/184 24/24F6056:44
398Debra BrownOtley AC174/184 31/34F5057:47
400Bob PayneOtley AC225/228 2/2M8058:58
406Lorna LangdonOtley AC179/184 26/28F451:00:40
407Laura HornbyOtley AC180/184 27/28F451:00:40
411Antonio CardinaleOtley AC228/228 5/5M701:12:37

One thought on “Tuesday 4th June – Harrogate League Race 2 – Ripley

  1. Another super victory for Rebecca P. in Ripley , Rebecca crossed the finish line with a very fast 30.14 , well done to her for this second win , not easy to win twice . Junior Aston B. had a great performance finishing with a quick 29.41 . Junior Charley C.T. had an impressive run finishing with a powerful 33.18 . Also our President Graham L. had a superb run finishing with a significant 31.51. Verity G. had a good performance in this Race 2 finishing with a solid 42.55 . Lesley P. was flying on the night she finished with a strong 56.44 . Well done to everyone .

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