Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon. Saturday 1st June

Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon. Saturday 1st June

Race report Matt Podd

Always a popular race with club members – this year 8 of us turned up at the Rugby club for the running of this. A few running it for the first time, but most of us had done it before. Good to see Sue Tupling even though she defected to some club down the road! Matt was there with the dog to support us. Very good conditions to run in, with sun and a nice breeze to keep us cool.

Suddenly the klaxon sounded, and we were off through the outskirts of Grassington and up the Dales Way to drop down to Conistone. On the way we passed orchids and Helen Hey. The real fun starts with the ascent of Mastiles Lane, a bit of a beast that reduces many to walking. In the past I used to be able to run all this! Grassy field lead onto the moor with the only boggy bit and then it’s all downhill back to Threshfield and glory.

I must have paced it right as even though slower that three years ago, from Mastiles Lane no one passed me, and I gained a lot of places. Had a nice chat to a 77 year old, who was running strongly – hope for us all. Fantastic views of Wharfedale and around. Chips, beer and rubbish talked in the sun after finishing.

1. Jack Cummings, Ilkley, 1.23.23 – Just missed out on the course record.

20. Lucy Jacques, Hunters Bog Trotters, 1.52.29

24. Sean Hornby, 1.55.20

44. Rogan Ashton, 2.02.56

55. Emma Hart, 2.05.51

96. Charlie Hey, 2.17.04

108, Paul Tranter, 2.19.58 (He says doing a marathon the week before and a parkrun in the morning is perhaps not the best preparation!)

147. Matt Podd, 2.33.19

181. Laura Oliver, 2.44.00

196. Alison Bowers, 2.50.48

230 folk participated. Photo’s from Helen and the Woodentops.

One thought on “Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon. Saturday 1st June

  1. A good report from Grassington by Matt P. who as well had a super run in this challenging half , Matt crossed the finish line with a strong 2.33 . Also Alison B. had a robust performance , she finished with a solid 2.50 . Well done all .

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