Pete Shields Ilkley Trail Race 27th May 2024

Pete Shields Ilkley Trail Race 27th May 2024

Race report Simon Quinn

The Pete Shields Ilkley Trail Race, pays homage to the legacy of Pete Shields, former GB and Ilkley coach, who was a passionate advocate for running. Established in the early 2000s, the race attracts runners to the picturesque trails north of Ilkley.

Four Otley AC runners braved the poor (and inaccurate) weather forecast and lined up at the start. It’s a nearly 7 mile out and back course up from Curly Hill through Middleton Woods and on to the moor. The first 2 miles being unrelenting uphill across a variety of terrain before the easier going, springy moorland ridge and eventually Ellishaw Hill. I struggled with the first mile but found better legs as we exited the woods and enjoyed gaining back a few places as we reached the highest point. The worst of the weather was a light breeze and some drizzle, but the sun was shining as we dropped back to Ilkley Lido. The last two miles are a brilliant knee trembling descent across stony farm trails, grass, road and woodland until you pop out into the field behind the lido. All the way down I could see Tom (newly nicknamed Pagey in the results) in the distance but couldn’t make up the ground to catch him. Andy and Dan were close behind me with all of us finishing in under an hour. 


1st Ed Hyland Calder Valley Fell Runners 00:42:38

For Otley AC:

34th Tom Pagey (aka Paget) 00:52:58 

37th Simon Quin 00:53:08 

67th Andrew Webster 00:57:39 

80th Daniel Wilkinson 00:59:52

Full results:

2 thoughts on “Pete Shields Ilkley Trail Race 27th May 2024

  1. Pagey will do. I’ve had Padget, Pagett, Padgett, Pajet, Pajit and Payget over the years.

  2. In this local race that I have done several times in the past , Tom P. had a powerful run , Tom crossed the finish line of this 7miler in a fast 52.58 . Also Simon Q. had a super performance finishing with an impressive 53.39 . Andrew W . in great shape had a good run too finishing with a solid 57.39 . Daniel W. had a brilliant performance finishing with a robust 59.52 .

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