Apperley Bridge Canter Thursday 30th May

Apperley Bridge Canter Thursday 30th May

Race report Matt Podd

A good turnout of OAC for the Apperley Bridge Canter on Thursday night. Its a bit over 10K and on a mix of surfaces, always seems hilly and quite hard work. Good weather for running and a bit damp in places underfoot. As ever it was very dark towards the end of the race, but we all survived. We got a lovely blue wooly hat as a memento. Thanks to Steve D for taking pictures and Hannah L for taking the p…./supporting us.

1. Ciaran Tracey, HPH 39.06

11. Charlotte Knowles, Abbey 41.40

42. Sean Hornby 46.36

(70. Louise Williams, Abbey 48.51 – 1st VW45)

114 Mia Naylor 52.50

143 Graham Cowling 56.00

154 Gary Naylor 57.12

167 Isabel Hart 57.58

179 Gordon Turley 59.02

226 Matt Podd 63.30

240 Matt Langdon 65.13

302 Billy Raynor 73.46

314 Lorna Langdon 76.03

One thought on “Apperley Bridge Canter Thursday 30th May

  1. An undulated 10k , not an easy run , former President Billy R . had a strong performance in this local race , Billy crossed the finish line with a robust 73.46 . Also Lorna L. had a good run , she finished with a solid 76.03 . Well done everyone .

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