Monday 6th May – Coiners Fell race

Monday 6th May – Coiners Fell race

Mon 6th May BM 10.8k/295m

Race report Colin Best

Another train journey to this one accompanied by John Dade and Harry Bowness. Excellent race this year in warm calm conditions. Much of the course had dried out but one section was still very deep bog with little choice but to go for it. Not sure what happened but before 1st checkpoint, the expected leader Tom Adams came bombing down the route up. Maybe lost his dipper?

Still once reached Studley Pike the climbing is largely over. Just the bog to negotiate.

Manage to pass Antonio towards the finish. He set off early. I only mention that because it makes my time look really poor in the provisional results 

Rushed to get train back. Just as well as track flooded shortly after.

1st Ed Hyland CVFR 47.05

1st Lady Katie Walshaw Holmfirth 53.28

73rd Harry Bowness Otley 1.10.33

117th John Dade Otley 1.21.44

124th Colin Best Otley 1.24.47

132nd Antonio Cadinale 1.27.50 but think need to add 30 mins onto that time as started early.

Full provisional results

One thought on “Monday 6th May – Coiners Fell race

  1. Harry B. had a great run in this 7 miler , Harry crossed the finish line in a quick 1.10 . John D. is flying at the moment , he finished with a powerful 1.11 . Also Colin B . run well , he finished with a solid 1.24 .

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