Saturday 27th January – John Cowan Harewood Handicap

Saturday 27th January – John Cowan Harewood Handicap

2023 Eric Smith Trophy winner Ceit got off to a cracking start this year, winning the first handicap. She held on to first place after battling it out with Kate Lodge in the final mile. Tom Paget came through from the second to last group to set off to take third, recording the fastest time of the day. Emma Hart was the fastest woman of the day.

Also great commitment from Lee, Sean, Colin and Emma all doing parkruns earlier in the morning.

There were three virtual runs from Maddie, Helen and Michelle who weren’t able to make it on the day.

It is worth pointing out I think that there is quite a big weighting on working out the handicaps how well you did in the last one, so next time Ceit will probably have to wait a couple more minutes to set off where as Phil will go 2 or 3 minutes earlier. Hopefully it’s fair to everyone over the whole year, and if you get quicker / fitter over the year, you should beat the handicapper more often than not😊

February’s race is from the Wellington Inn at Darley on Saturday 24th, see details here.

Ps since this year my birthday is back to coinciding with a club night, something for those Chevin steps lovers to look forward to. A return after 5 years, November’s race will be the Chevin, Surprise View uphill only head torch run.

I realised this week, that 2024 is the 30th year of the Eric Smith Trophy, so for those who like a bit of handicap history/statistics.

Whose won the most handicaps? – Tom Hannah and Antonio, 16.

Who has done the most club handicaps? – Phil Robinson 239, followed by Tom Hannah 237 and Antonio 215. Tom being the only one of the three who has never won the handicap title and he has been trying since year 1 !

Whose has done the most without winning one? – well unsurprisingly, the hon. handicapper, myself with 104. Next, as he does like to tell me 😊, Rogan with 61.

Has anyone won the Eric Smith Trophy more than once?

Yes, but only three people. Graham Stead 3 times, (one shared), Billy Rayner 2, Antonio Cardinale and John Straiton 2, (one shared).

There has been two shared titles in the 29 years, Caron and Matt Broughton in 2011 and John Straiton and Graham Stead in 1999.

PosNameTimeH’CapNet TimeH’Cap Points
1Ceit Konoplits52:4712:0040:4725
2Kate Lodge53:0614:3038:3624
3Tom Paget53:4924:0029:4923
4Debra Brown54:2305:0049:2322
5Maddie Delucchi54:2511:3042:5521
5Rogan Ashton54:2524:0030:2521
7Dominic Egan54:3016:0038:3019
8Simon Quin54:3824:3030:0818
9Lee Gumbrell54:5722:0032:5717
10Colin Dennison55:0323:3031:3316
11Laura Hind55:1215:0040:1215
12Bob Payne55:1905:0050:1914
13Alison Bowers55:2513:0042:2513
14Sean Hornby55:3024:0031:3012
15Rachel Michael55:4602:0053:4611
16Michelle Johnson56:0315:0041:0310
17Helen Alston56:1417:3038:449
18Sue Green56:1505:0051:158
19Ursula McGouran56:1709:0047:177
20Chris Brunold56:2415:0041:246
21Hugh Pearson56:3914:3042:095
22Eddy Lines56:5123:3033:214
23Emma Hart57:3122:0035:313
24Antonio Cardinale57:4000:0057:402
25Phil Robinson58:2213:3044:521

4 thoughts on “Saturday 27th January – John Cowan Harewood Handicap

  1. Another win for Ceit K. on race 1 of the Eric S. Trophy the John Cowan , Ceit had a solid 5 miler , she crossed the finish line in a strong 40.47 . Tom P. had a fantastic run , he finished in a fast 29.49 . Rachel M. too run strongly finishing with a great 53.46 . Also Ursula M. had a super run , she finished with a very good 47.17 . Well done to everyone .

  2. Sorry I missed that Antonio, probably because they were 19 years between the two. Cheers

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