Sunday 17th December – 35th Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

Sunday 17th December – 35th Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

This will be the 35th Ken Dixon Christmas handicap and the final race of this year’s Eric Smith Trophy,  so who will come out on top this time?

Don’t worry if you haven’t done any or many of this year’s handicaps, the more the merrier. Everyone has an equal chance of taking the honour of winning the club’s most prestigious handicap and prizes will be on offer for this one too 😊

I will check how busy the car park is on the 10th of December, so please check the post near the day, but the plan is at the moment, as the car park was full at 11am last year.

The first runner will be set off at 10am,  everyone else at intervals after that so hopefully everyone finishes at the same time.

New to club handicaps, checkout the Club Handicap page here,


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