Thursday 23rd November – Weston Lane Handicap

Thursday 23rd November – Weston Lane Handicap

In Otley AC’s 40th Anniversary year, excepting the Covid virtual handicaps, a return to a former regular handicap route last run at the turn of the 21st century. Another great mix of juniors, seniors and super vets, all racing hard. Junior, Morris McCann just pipped Derek Fuller for the win, who recorded the fastest time on the night and Alison Bowers. Milly Spencer had the fastest female time.

In the Eric Smith Handicap trophy and with just the traditional Christmas handicap to go Ceit Konoplits has a 25 point lead over Chris Brunold and Bob Payne 8 points further behind in third. See the full handicap table here.

The 35th Ken Dixon Christmas handicap is the 5 mile route round Timble and Swinsty reservoir on Sunday 17th December, see details here.

PosNameTimeH’CapNet TimeH’Cap Points
1Morris McCann37:5507:3030:2526
2Derek Fuller37:5615:3022:2625
3Alison Bowers37:5707:3030:2724
4Maddie Delucchi38:5705:3033:2723
5Olive Akers39:1109:3029:4122
6Harry Smallwood39:1813:0026:1821
7Sue Green39:4100:0039:4120
8Chris Lee39:4312:0027:4319
9Graham Lake39:4417:0022:4418
10Milly Spencer39:4613:3026:1617
11Ceit Konoplits39:4808:0031:4816
12Lily Richards39:5013:3026:2015
13John Dade39:5311:3028:2314
14Chris Brunold39:5610:3029:2613
15Sean Hornby40:0117:0023:0112
16Matt Podd40:2011:3028:5011
17Laura Hind40:2610:0030:2610
18Bob Payne40:3700:0040:379
19Grace Hartley40:3807:0033:388
20Jasper Waights40:4213:0027:427
21Tom Paget41:0817:0024:086
22Emma Lucas41:1304:0037:135
23Colin Best43:2907:0036:294
24Antonio Cardinale43:4600:0043:463
25Harry Bowness48:4114:3034:112

One thought on “Thursday 23rd November – Weston Lane Handicap

  1. Congratulations to the junior Morris M. for winning the Weston Lane Race , Morris crossed the finish line in a fast 30.25 . Well done to all the junior team that are proving to be a tough bunch of runners . Leader of the Championship Ceit K. had a good run finishing in a solid 31.48 . Club boss Graham L. had a super two laps , finished in a quick 22.40 . Fell runner Colin B. had a brilliant performance although he had some problems on the route like wrong turns and shoes laces , Colin finished in a strong 36.29 . Well done to everyone especially to Tom P. and Derek F.

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