Thursday 18th September – 3000m Handicap

Thursday 18th September – 3000m Handicap

Race 9 of the Eric Smith Handicap Trophy and the second club track runner of the year event was the 3000m race at Beechcliffe School, Keighley.

Setting off first Sue Green held on to take the win by 15 seconds. Farrah chased down Antonio and Bob in the last 100m dead heating with Antonio for second, Bob a few seconds behind in 4th. Aston and Olive had strong finishes for the next couple of positions. Jack Wilks recorded the fastest time of the night and Farrah the fastest female time.

There were quite a few club age group records on the night for Bob Payne MV80, Mia Naylor LU16, Jack Wilks MU18.

Ceit Konoplits maintains her lead in the Eric Smith Handicap Trophy with a 22.5 point lead over Chris Brunold, Bob Payne a further point behind in third. See the full table here.

Note, It’s at this time of year that the best 10 of 12 races starts to come into play, so don’t give up too early. There still lots to play for the gold and podium positions.

The three remaining races are Weeton, Sunday October 15th, Weston Lane Thursday 23rd November and the Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap Sunday 17th December.

See the Handicap page here for details of these routes here.

PosNameTimeH’CapNet TimeH’Cap Points
1Sue Green20:0201:0019:0217
2Farrah Gerrett20:1707:1513:0216
2Antonio Cardinale20:1701:3018:4716
4Bob Payne20:2201:3018:5214
5Aston Brogden20:4110:0010:4113
6Olive Akers20:4306:4513:5812
7Dan Wilkinson20:4408:3012:1411
8Josh Graham20:4806:4514:0310
9Jack Wilks20:5010:1510:359
10Mick Jeffrey20:5707:0013:578
11Mia Naylor21:1108:0013:117
12Ceit Konoplits21:1305:3015:436
13Sean Hornby21:1409:4511:295
14Tom Paget21:3009:4511:454
15Chris Brunold21:3906:1515:243
16Laura Hind21:4506:1515:302
17Rogan Ashton22:0709:4512:221

One thought on “Thursday 18th September – 3000m Handicap

  1. Congratulations to Sue G. for winning race 9 of the Eric S. Trophy , Sue crossed the finish line in a solid time of 19.32 . The juniors had a superb night in Keighley , especially Olive A. who was flying on the track , Jack W. very fast , Mia N. super performance , Aston B. had an impressive run , Farrah G . a powerhouse . Well done to everyone .

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