Otley 10 Mile Road Race – Wednesday 8th June 2022

Otley 10 Mile Road Race – Wednesday 8th June 2022

The Otley 10 is back!

Entries open!

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 2022 will be using our new route to miss out some of the curves on the main road, and have more space at the start away from houses. This has been independently measured and certified (see https://www.kenkaiser.co.uk/races-m-s/otley-10-miles/index.html)



Otley 10 2021 Details:

Results are available at https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/Otley10/2021

A huge well done to all category prize winners:

1st Male – Thomas Hodgson – £100 Yorkshire Runner voucher

2nd Male – Owen Beilby – Wharfedale Harriers £50 Yorkshire Runner Voucher

3rd Male – John Young – Harrogate Harriers £30 Yorkshire Runner Voucher

1st Female – Sarah Flaherty – Bingley Harriers  £100 Yorkshire Runner voucher

2nd Female – Sally Armitage – Ilkley Harriers £50 Yorkshire Runner Voucher

3rd Female – Rachel Carter – Ilkley Harriers £30 Yorkshire Runner Voucher

1st F35 – Jenny Wade – Skipton AC £30

2nd F35 – Claire McLoughlin – Ilkley Harriers £20

1st F40 – Sally Armitage – Ilkley Harriers £30

2nd F40 – Lindsey Clegg – Horsforth Harriers £20

1st F45 – Sarah Flaherty – Bingley Harriers £30

2nd F45 – Rachel Carter – Ilkley Harriers £20

1st F50 – Theresa Oldroyd – Harrogate Harriers £30

1st F55 – Sarah Gill – Harrogate Harriers £30

1st F60 – Susan Sunderland – Valley Striders £30

1st F65 – Ruth Warren – Valley Striders £30

1st M35 – Timothy Richardson – Harrogate Harriers £30

2nd M35 – Kevin Clarke – Nidd Valley £20

1st M40 – Owen Beilby – Wharfedale Harriers £30

2nd M40 – John Young – Harrogate Harriers £20

1st M45 – Andy McCue – Skyrac AC £30

2nd M45 – Darren Townend – Nidd Valley £20

1st M50 – Martin Fillingham – Saltaire Striders £30

1st M55 – Andy Todd – Nidd Valley £30

1st M60 – Jim Holding – Pocklington Runners £30

1st M65 – Michael Jeffrey – Otley AC £30

1st Male Team – Harrogate (Gareth Sommerville, Greg Weatherhead, John Young) – Red Pepper Vouchers

1st Female Team – Ilkley  (Claire McLoughlin, Sally Armitage, Rachel Carter) – Red Pepper Vouhers

Prizewinners should email ibroadbe@aol.com providing an address if they prefer a cheque or banking details if they prefer bank transfer

We couldn’t hold the event without our members and sponsors and we would ask you to consider Yorkshire Runner whose support didn’t waver through the last couple of years and last years cancelled race. Yorkshire Runner owner Mike Deegan said;

” Yorkshire Runner was started by myself, Tim Agar and Steve Brooks 6 years ago. Tim was a local lad, well liked and known to all a runner, coach, mentor and friend to many. Sadly, he died suddenly on 3rd August 2019. Its been a challenging 2 years, but we are really pleased to be thriving as a local business with an online presence to enhance our service. We are always happy to support Otley AC events and be part of the local running DNA. We also hope you enjoyed this year’s Otley 10 and look forward to seeing you at many West Yorkshire races over the coming months. Enjoy your running in 2021 and stay safe, Mike Deegan www.yorkshirerunner.com

If you are interested in being a member of Otley AC then please visit our website for further details www.otleyac.org.uk.

All that remains to say is how great it was to see you all back in Otley, thank you for taking part, and we hope to see you on 8th June 2022 with a full capacity race on our standard route.

Take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Ian Broadbent

Otley 10 Race Director


2019 results – Excel xls spreadsheet here or Word Doc. here

Updated All Time list including 1985 to 1988 plus 2019 here.

The rules of the race are very simple: You MUST stay on the pavement on Pool Road at all times up to Pool and keep within the cordoned area over Pool Bridge.  MP3 players with earphones MUST NOT be worn during the race – you will be withdrawn if you do not comply!

If you’re using Twitter to keep up to date and to talk about the Otley 10 then use #otley10.

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Results 1989-2018 (Excel)

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All Results 1985 to 2019 including category records and all time listing spreadsheet here.

Historic Results 1985 to 2019 at UK Results here

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