Tuesday 24th May – Thruscross Handicap

Tuesday 24th May – Thruscross Handicap

A sunny but windy & cool evening for the 5th Eric Smith Trophy race of the year. Debra set off first and that’s how it stayed until the finish line, a couple of minutes later Colin finished second. Setting off last, Simon recorded the fastest time of the night in third. Beth O’Neil recorded the fastest ladies time. A welcome to prospective new member Alex Eve who finished just behind Bob Payne.

Rachel retains her lead at the top the Eric Smith Handicap table on 93 points, Don Buffham in second 78 points and Matt Podd in third with 77. See the full table here.

PosNameTimeH’CapNet TimePoints
1Debra Brown1:06:2000:001:06:2018
2Colin Best1:08:4917:000:51:4917
3Simon Quin1:09:4633:000:36:4616
4Matt Podd1:11:2923:000:48:2915
5Don Buffham1:11:4314:000:57:4314
6Jarod Merridew1:12:0721:000:51:0713
7Rachel Michael1:12:1010:001:02:1012
8Pam Tranter1:12:2418:000:54:2411
9Paul Tranter1:12:4531:000:41:4510
10Bob Baker1:13:0716:000:57:079
11Tom Hannah1:13:2010:001:03:208
12Billy Rayner1:13:3615:000:58:367
13Bob Payne1:14:3608:001:06:366
14Alex Eve (Guest)1:15:5211:001:04:525
15Sue Green1:15:5309:001:06:534
16Sarah Belt1:16:0519:000:57:053
17Beth O’Neil1:16:1423:000:53:142
18Lesley Patchett1:17:5803:001:14:581

One thought on “Tuesday 24th May – Thruscross Handicap

  1. A good win for Debra B. in this race 5 of the Eric Smith Trophy , she crossed the finish line in 1.06 . Former President Tom H. had a solid run in this challenging route finishing in a robust 1.03 . Also the guest Alex had a great night finishing in a significant 1.04 . The leader of the table Rachel M. had a super run finishing in a strong 1.02 . Ex President Billy R. had a superb night finishing in a fast 58.36 . Lesley P. had a fantastic run but she had bad luck finishing inside the woodland by the reservoir , I had a similar experience 15 years ago a wrong turn I ended up in this dark wood with an incline terrain where it is difficult to run and as well to find the way out . Lesley finished in a steady 1.14 . Well done everyone .

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