Tuesday 17th May – Harrogate League Race 1 – Nidd Valley

Tuesday 17th May – Harrogate League Race 1 – Nidd Valley

A big thanks for Nidd Valley for organising the first Harrogate League race of the year, a great turnout of Otley members and lots of supurb performances. According to our calculations we finished first team in the 10 to count team, as the current team calculations don’t seem to be limited to the first 10 in each club, to be confirmed at a later date.

Scott was first for Otley in second place & first V40, followed by Edward Hobbs and Jack Margerrison in 6th and 7th. Sara Elliott was first woman back for Otley and second in her category, followed by Megan McCall and Arifa Chakera. Thanks to Steve Davey for the photos.

Full results on the RaceBest site here, team results on the Harrogate league site here.

PosNameClubCategoryCat. PosTime
1George CouttieHarrogate H & ACMSEN1/330:29:24
2Scott HarringtonOtley ACMV401/250:29:43
6Edward HobbsOtley ACMSEN3/330:30:58
7Jack MargerrisonOtley ACMSEN4/330:32:05
11Emily GibbinsIlkley HFSEN1/370:32:41
17Richard SmithOtley ACMV356/160:33:40
18Tom MidgleyOtley ACMV357/160:33:50
22Henry JeffreysOtley ACMSEN9/330:34:05
23Graham LakeOtley ACMV452/390:34:14
28Tom LynchOtley ACMV358/160:34:40
30Oliver RichardsOtley ACMV404/250:34:54
41Simon QuinOtley ACMV457/390:35:51
43Andrew RobertshawOtley ACMV503/420:35:55
45Andy MccueOtley ACMV458/390:35:59
55Harry SmallwoodOtley ACMSEN18/330:36:44
65Colin DennisonOtley ACMV408/250:37:24
71Chris SkipperOtley ACMV3511/160:37:45
75Gavin BurtonOtley ACMV4515/390:38:07
80Paul TranterOtley ACMV554/290:38:16
91Tony WetherillOtley ACMV556/290:38:57
109Jonathan HobbsOtley ACMV509/420:39:50
119Sara ElliottOtley ACFV502/310:40:12
133Steven RobinsonOtley ACMV4523/390:40:45
134Tony WalkerOtley ACMV603/170:40:46
157Megan MccallOtley ACFSEN11/370:42:01
159Daniel WilkinsonOtley ACMSEN28/330:42:03
178Harry BownessOtley ACMSEN29/330:43:16
208Andrew WebsterOtley ACMV5026/420:44:46
213Arifa ChakeraOtley ACFV4510/250:45:02
221Verity GloverOtley ACFSEN18/370:45:30
242Sharon KenyonOtley ACFV4010/190:47:05
244Matt PoddOtley ACMV608/170:47:12
247Joanna HobsonOtley ACFV603/90:47:22
255Catherine DobsonOtley ACFSEN25/370:47:47
256Fiona Marcantonio-JonesOtley ACFV357/130:47:50
260Gill ParkOtley ACFV358/130:48:16
277Nicola SwannOtley ACFV4516/250:49:28
297Chris BrunoldOtley ACFV5510/200:50:43
302Martin GaskinOtley ACMV6012/170:50:59
303James BirkleyOtley ACMV4537/390:50:59
313Ryk DownesOtley ACMV5525/290:52:22
321Andrew RaynerOtley ACMV5527/290:53:46
350John DavisOtley ACMV5529/290:59:09
360Bob PayneOtley ACMV753/31:02:52
365Debra BrownOtley ACFV4524/251:06:35
371Antonio CardinaleOtley ACMV704/41:22:09

One thought on “Tuesday 17th May – Harrogate League Race 1 – Nidd Valley

  1. A fantastic night for Otley AC in Harrogate , brilliant running from all the members especially from Scott H. he crossed the finish line in a super fast 29.43 . Youngster Edward H. had a splendid night finishing like a rocket in 30.58 . President Graham L. was powerful finishing in 34.14. Also Tom L. had a great run finishing in 34.40. Fell runner Andrew R. was flying finishing in 35.55 . Super woman Sara E. finishing in a quick 40.12. Fell runner Megan M. a super time of 42.01. Extraordinary Joanna H. a superb 47.22. Former boss Billy R. a significant 53.46. Well done everybody .

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