Thursday 28th April – Fewston Handicap

Thursday 28th April – Fewston Handicap

A great turn out and a good to see few first timers. There was pretty much perfect running conditions for the 4th race of this years Eric Smith Handicap Trophy. Tom just held off Rachel with Bob completing the podium in third. Scott flew round for the fastest time on the night just 2 seconds slower than his fastest time by almost 30 seconds. Sara Elliott just pipped Beth for the fastest ladies time.

Rachel increased her lead at the top of the handicap table to 14 points over Sarah Belt who moved up to second in the table after a fourth place finish on the night with Don not far behind in third. See the current Eric Smith Trophy table here.

Thanks to Carol Armitstead for helping out on time keeping duties, Lee on video recording and Steve on the photos.

The next race is the Thruscross route, on Tues. May 24th, subject inspection of the fallen tree situation, otherwise it will be the Danefield route.

PosNameTimeH’CapNet TimeH’Cap Pts
1Tom Hannah46:1004:3041:4032
2Rachel Michael46:4004:3042:1031
3Bob Payne47:1004:3042:4030
4Sarah Belt48:2013:0035:2029
5Pam Tranter48:3412:0036:3428
6Billy Rayner49:2912:0037:2927
7Matt Podd49:3517:0032:3526
8James Dobson49:3619:0030:3625
9Sara Elliott49:4321:3028:1324
10Tony Walker50:1222:0028:1223
11Beth Massey50:1722:0028:1722
12Don Buffham50:1812:0038:1821
13Colin Best50:2314:0036:2320
14Catherine Dobson50:2918:3031:5919
15Ben Cousen50:3024:0026:3018
16Jonathan Hobbs50:3323:0027:3317
18Sue Green50:348:0042:3416
17Andrew Shepherd50:3408:0042:3415
19Graham Lake50:4025:3025:1014
20Edward Hobbs50:4528:3022:1513
21Andy Webster51:0921:0030:0912
22Fiona Marcantonio-Jones51:1418:3032:4411
23Scott Harrington51:1529:3021:4510
25Sharon Kenyon51:2718:0033:279
24Debra Brown51:2704:3046:578
26Sarah Higgins (Guest)51:4918:0033:49 
27Mark Hall51:5125:3026:217
28Stephen Morris52:1127:3024:416
29Barry Cooper (Guest)52:5906:3046:29 
30Dafydd Hammond-Jones (Guest)53:0619:0034:06 
31Laura Squire53:2204:3048:525
32Paul Tranter55:0022:0033:004
33David Millson55:1000:0055:103
34Rachael Ekiring55:3800:0055:382
35Antonio Cardinale55:3900:0055:391

One thought on “Thursday 28th April – Fewston Handicap

  1. Former President Tom H. is back with a victory well deserved with a great run , Tom crossed the finish line in a solid 41.40 . Veteran Bob P. had a good run too finishing in a nice 42.40 . Also Rachel M. had a splendid night along side the reservoir , Rachel finished in a quite fast 42.10 . Sara E. is the strongest girl around Fewston , she finished in a fantastic 28.13 . Junior Edward H. had a positive run in this Eric S. Trophy Race 4 finishing in a significant 22.15 , not far behind from the rocket Scott . President Graham L. too run really well , he finished in a brilliant 25.10 . Scott H. was flying last night , when he passed me and my friend it was like military jet , Scott finished in a supersonic 21.45. New comer Rachel E. had a super run finishing in a good 55.38 . Well done all.

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