Stanbury Splash – Sunday 16th January 2022

Stanbury Splash – Sunday 16th January 2022

Report from Megan McCall

We turned up super early, one of the first in the carpark and were rewarded with the most amazing sunrise.. before the clouds came in. Early bird catches the worm as they say. I was here on race day as usual with my first team (husband Ross, little boy Jesse – my mascot and our trusty cowbell of course).

I braved my leopard print short shorts today because why not and when I ran this race back in 2020.. I knew it was going to be a wet one and figured I’d be soaked through before I even got to mile 2. In anticipation we watched the juniors off which was super cute – however it was clear to see that most of the under 9s probably run faster downhill than I do.

The race itself is a great race – taking in moorland, grass, gravel track and a stream that you can’t avoid and have to go straight through (I remember the water being much higher in 2020, but it was still savage). Perfect running conditions today and overall lovely race as I felt that I really got into a flow in the second half and the views are amazing at the top. I’d recommend to most!

Nice to see a lot of the Otley crew (that I know anyway) – Ollie, Lee, Matt, John. Shame I missed Antonio as alot of people from other clubs spotted my Otley AC shirt and were speaking so highly of him which was lovely to hear. True legend.

See you next year Stanbury Splash!

Results: 1st Jack Cummins, Ilkley Harriers 47:56, 1st Lady Helen Smith, Ribble Valley Harriers 53:13 and for Otley 50th Oliver Richards 1:00:31, 124th Jon Smith 1:08:11, 169th Lee Gumbrell, 187th Matt Clegg 1:15:44, 203rd Megan McCall 01:19:19, 264th Colin Best 01:30:58, 293rd Don Buffham 01:43:15, 305th Antonio Cardinale 2:24:35.

And the Juniors Harry Richards 3rd in the Under 9’s.

Under 15’s,U13’s & U11’s Ned Gallagher-Thompson 1st, Ruaridh Aylward 11th, Agnes Gallagher-Thompson 28th, Farrah Gerrett 30th, Lily Richards 32nd.

Under 17’s & 19’s Jack Wilks 8th.

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  1. Congratulations to Ned G.T. for winning the junior race U15 , Ned crossed the finish line in a powerful 6.11 , also her sister U13 Agnes had a good performance finishing in a great time of 8.36 . U9 Harry R. had a good run finishing in a solid 3.21 . U15 Ruaridh A. run well too in this quarry run finishing in a robust 7.33. U15 Farrah G. too had a great morning in in this Stanbury Splash finishing in 8.46 . Lily R. as well had a significant race finishing 32nd . I liked the short report from Penistone and Megan Mc. had a fantastic 7 miles finishing in a super time of 1.19 . Well done everyone .

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