Wednesday 14th July Otley Chevin Fell Race

Wednesday 14th July Otley Chevin Fell Race

Report from Graham Lake:

Distance: 4.5km / 2.8m, Climb: 210m / 689ft

A good turn-out on home soil for the Otley team, despite the race filling quickly. It was a hot day, as it often is for this one, and on top of some tired half-marathon legs for me and others it was always going to be painful.

Really well organised by Skyrac, the runners set off in waves, roughly based on estimated time. I put my last time down, and regretted it as my tired legs meant I was losing contact with my group going up Johnny Lane. Gary passed me from the wave behind, as did Dave Wilby who stormed up the steps. Toby was running well also, disappearing off under the canopy of trees.

The fun bit is obviously from Surprise View down passed knottie stone, white house and the super fast Johnny Lane. I battled with a chap from St Theresa’s, only to realise he was always 10 seconds ahead of me, having started a wave behind! Bring on normality!

Results for Otley below. The winner was Graham Rush from Leeds City in 17.31 (Ian Holmes’ record of 17.04 from 2001 still stands), first lady was Amy Young of Hyde Park in 22.47.


Pos    Num    Name    Cat    Local (LS21)    Club    Time   
5 40 Gary Johnson MSEN Local Otley AC 20.39
14 18 Toby Fisher M40 Otley AC 21.59
15 127 Carl Morris MSEN Local Otley AC 22.01
18 12 Graham Lake M40 Otley AC 22.43
35 183 Oliver Richards M40 Local Otley AC 24.46
73 126 Matt Clegg M40 Local Otley AC 27.56
80 189 Elizabeth Taggart FSEN Local Otley AC 28.17
122 192 Ann Powell F60 Otley AC 36.37
123 198 Donald Buffham M60 Otley AC 36.44
130 193 Antonio Cardinale M70 Otley AC 44.34


Gary was first Local and gets a prize!

Lots of pics here:


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 14th July Otley Chevin Fell Race

  1. A good report from the race Graham and also your performance was quite robust also if you had tired legs . About the old record non being beaten , I found that this year route is a bit different from the usual one , the different section is after doing the endless steps we go right for about 200 meters then we used to turn left in a diagonal way towards Surprise View instead this year we turned left straight up to the top then left towards Surprise View . Well done all .

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