2021 Eric Smith Handicap Trophy Race 1 – 2 Lap Weston Lane

2021 Eric Smith Handicap Trophy Race 1 – 2 Lap Weston Lane

A stay local, lockdown handicap route  for our  mandatory 😊 daily exercise,  a resurection of an old favourite, the fast & flat 2 lap Weston Lane handicap starting at the end of Weston Lane and finishing just before the end, (say about 10m), of Newall Avenue, run clockwise, see map below, or the mapometer route here.

Run the handicap  see route map below any time you like between Monday 18th January – Sunday 31st January.

Email me on androbertshaw@gmail.com at least a day before you plan to run the route, so that I can give you a handicap time, before I might see it on Strava!!

  1. If you’re on Strava just send me a link to your Strava run,  such as:  https://www.strava.com/activities/3742412886.   If I don’t currently ‘follow‘ you may possible need to allow me to follow you, any difficulties just email me…
  2. If you’re not on  Strava just record your time & send me the details, (we’ll have to rely on honesty here..)
  3. I will create a strava segment for the route, which I’ll use for race times for the strava users.

For interest here’s the age group records,  scope for some older folk to create some new ones..

F20 21:40 Joan Cubbon 17-Mar-94 M20 17:41 Ian Fisher 19-Nov-92
F35 23:36 Carol Armitstead 17-Mar-94 M35 20:04 Martin Butterworth 14-Sep-93
F40 22:36 Caroline Marler 14-Sep-93 M40 19:01 Malcom Pickering 14-Sep-93
F45 23:41 Caroline Marler 21-Jan-97 M45 20:23 Jack Robertshaw 21-Nov-91
F50 25:04 Kath Robertshaw 21-Sep-95 M50 20:45 Jack Robertshaw 23-Nov-93
F55 24:48 Kath Robertshaw 20-Jan-98 M55 21:48 Jack Robertshaw 20-Jan-98
M60 26:54 Trevor Lambert 11-Dec-01

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