Saturday 24th October – Clumber Park Duathlon

Saturday 24th October – Clumber Park Duathlon

Report from Howard Jeffreys

Remember ‘I’ll be back’! Well that’s me that is. For one race only this year. I did no training all year until they announced Park runs would start at the end of October ( yeh right). So at the beginning of September I climbed off the couch and shuffled through a few weeks of training. Out of the blue came an email to say Clumber Park duathlon was ON…Albeit in the adjacent Thoresby Park. I had forgotten all about it but had an entry so I thought I ought to do something. The organisation accommodated the social distancing and the staggered start did not impact too much on the race experience. The weather was also pretty benign for the time of year. I did the sprint distance which was 6.5K on trails, followed by 18k on the bike on the roads around the Parks and a final 2.5k trail run. Felt strong all round if not particularly sharp or speedy. 5 minutes behind the age group winner and 4th in the group so if there is an ETU event next year that should be enough to make the cut. I have 6 months to get some serious training in and am already looking forward to mixing it again with those continental chaps.

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  1. Also on this one I agree with Tamara W. that Howard J. did really well . It is good to see again a report from Howard after more than 6 months without , in this Clumber Duathlon Howard was just fantastic , well done indeed .

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